Video System Services

TEKnowLogical Solutions supports customers from the beginning of a collaboration project to full operation. We not only get a system up and running but we also help companies envision new operating paradigms and make sure they achieve their business objectives.

Our video system services are a great fit for:
  • Solution providers – We work as an implementation partner, especially for critical deployments. Our experience working with many systems across a wide breadth of operating environments helps us address complex requirements.
  • Reseller partners – We provide supplemental engineering and deployment resources to support a growing customer base.
  • Companies deploying and supporting collaboration tools – After years of using and implementing numerous collaboration tools, we help customers specify, evaluate and implement the right technology choice. Because we don’t sell any technology solutions, we offer an unbiased viewpoint and work only with a customer’s interests in mind.

Our services include:

  • Operational planning – Based on business objectives, we help create a plan to procure collaboration tools or expand and improve use of existing tools.
  • Requirements analysis – To help identify the right collaboration technology and operating environment, we detail requirements for specific features, functionality, interfaces, network and bandwidth.
  • Project planning and management – We create a detailed project plan, including sequence of events, tasks, roles, dependencies, responsibilities, schedule and budget. We can also manage the project from end to end, using internal resources, a preferred partner, or our team to execute the plan.
  • Equipment acquisition and delivery – We work with the solution provider or distribution partner of your choice to coordinate the procurement and delivery of a collaboration solution.
  • Installation and testing – We ensure installation is performed correctly, all infrastructure (Ethernet, fiber, connectivity, etc.) is robust, and each node is operating correctly. Our troubleshooting expertise and diagnostic tools allow us to do a deep dive into the network to surface any configuration or operating anomalies that could prevent success.
  • Training and support – To increase adoption, we provide technical training for operators, system administrators, and users, specific to the particular solution and business. Our change management model helps companies move to an operating paradigm that leverages a new collaboration solution.
  • Technical assistance – For customers that are struggling to support existing systems, we go beyond your Tier I/Tier II support resources to investigate the root causes of recurring problems and remedy them.

How we work

The video system services practice is led by TEKnowLogical founder Scott Waschler, who has over two decades of experience helping companies make the most of their video conferencing and TelePresence investments.

Our team will work closely with you to scope out the right approach and level of service to meet your needs. We provide cost estimates by the project, task, or a daily rate.