Custom Courses and Training Delivery

Our training design and custom delivery programs help users learn to use technology in a hands-on training environment that mirrors real-life situations.

  • OEM and technology solution providers can create curriculum, establish and administer certification programs, and deploy training courses.
  • Resellers can develop courses for specific customer deployments that require unique training.
  • UC managers can deliver focused training for end-users in their organization.

As you launch new products and release new features, we’ll incorporate updates into our courses, so they will always contain the latest information.

Benefits of working with TEKnowLogical
  • Plan and deploy solutions more efficiently, improving the sales process and reducing the need for additional technical or end-user support.
  • Customers will utilize solutions more effectively, increasing satisfaction and driving adoption throughout the organization.
  • You won’t need to host your own training facility, training resources, or dedicate video equipment to remote training.

Interested in developing a customized training or certification program for your partners and customers? Let us know how we can help.