Video Meeting Hosting

You need a space to meet – a space where even remote workers and distributed teams can easily join and collaborate. Whether that space is physical or virtual, a face-to-face conversation can shave countless hours off of email communication, eliminate misunderstandings and make everyone in your team more productive.

For smaller organizations, having secure, business-quality video conferencing and TelePresence facilities in-house isn’t always possible due to the expense of high definition equipment, adequate bandwidth, and incompatibility with customer and suppliers’ systems.

TEKnowLogical makes video meetings accessible to organizations of all sizes with our meeting hosting service.

Three ways to collaborate using TEKnowLogical meeting service

1. Lead a meeting

Rent one of our conference rooms for a group meeting. Your team can meet at our location and connect with any remote participants via high-definition video or TelePresence. Everyone will have full ability to share materials, and be able to see and hear all callers.

If you prefer, you can leave the technical management of the meeting to us. We’ll handle setup and mediation to make sure everyone has the best experience possible, so that you can focus on the business at hand.

2. Join a meeting

Virtual workers, job candidates, partners and suppliers don’t need to miss out on face-to-face meetings. Join in from the comfort of our offices. We’ll make sure you are connected and can participate fully, without the need for expensive, time-consuming travel.

3. Host a virtual call

Use our infrastructure to host a virtual meeting from wherever you are, with the same collaboration capabilities and operational support as we offer for in-person meetings.

When is your next meeting?

Our fully-equipped meeting space is available to book by the hour or by the day.